Abou Sidibé


After a technical training at the "Centre d'échange culturel" Kiyi Abidjan, Ivory Coast and an academic training at the "Centre Technique des Arts de Bingerville", Ivory Coast, Abou obtained a diploma in applied arts.

In his artistic work, Abou Sidibé creates a liaison between wood, metal and other materials such as leftovers and apparent "waste". By combining these different materials - according to Abou - different realities are united into a " universal world ". Abou explained to us that his sculptures are intended to express people's aspirations for permanent balance. He sees this relativized in a kind of spiritual dimension that each of us projects onto our environment, be it professional, social or cultural. With this aspiration in mind, and inspired by the desire to The artist creates his modern works by working out the soul from every material . A closer look at his sculptures helps us to better understand what Abou wants to convey - expressed in words in this text.

For 10 years, Abou's sculptures have been on display in exhibitions in various countries in West Africa and Europe, including Mali, Ghana, the Netherlands, Denmark and France.

Works in Frankfurt/Main (selection)

Interview by Abou Sidibé