Intermedia between design and ethics

Our self-image

We see Moogoo as a platform for exchange between modern artists and designers from Africa and interested people in Europe. The aim is to capitalize on and market Burkinabe art and design and the associated know-how. In addition to trading in Burkinabe furniture and home accessories, Moogoo should also serve as an intermediary between Africa and Europe and give local artists access to the European art and design market.

At the heart of Moogoo are African designer furniture and home accessories, created and developed by designers and artisans in Africa. The products - which are made entirely in Burkina Faso - are creations made of wood, iron, bronze and recycled materials that combine old and new and create entirely new forms and purposes by merging different materials.

We want to develop a constructive and sustainable partnership with Africa, which focuses on the utilization of local expertise and resources. By tapping into this development potential, we want to create new income opportunities in Africa in the long term.

For us, Moogoo is an interface between design and ethics, between Africa and Europe. An initiative that supports sustainable development in West Africa.

Elliott Martin
Co-founder, CEO


    Social commitment meets passion: Why we founded Moogoo in 2010.

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    Local manufacturing, fair pay, sustainable production: what fair trade means to us.

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  • TEAM

    The team from Moogoo Creative Africa in Frankfurt/Main and Ouagadougou introduces itself.

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