• Fair and long-term relationships

    We view our producers as equal partners and strive for fair and long-term business relationships. We establish and maintain direct and personal contact with our local partners and rely on long-term cooperation.

  • Local manufacturing

    Despite the economic difficulties, there are a large number of talented and creative artisans and artists in West Africa. It is particularly important to us that the entire value chain, from conception to production, takes place locally in order to promote local production and the know-how of our artisans.

  • Fair remuneration

    We ensure the fair distribution of added value creation, with pre-financing (50%) of our orders and fair remuneration of our partners.

  • Good working conditions

    It is a priority for us to improve the working conditions of our partners. To this end, we travel to the site 2 to 3 times a year if possible to ensure that safety conditions are met and that our partners have the best possible working conditions.

  • sustainable production

    Our production is fair and sustainable. We attach great importance to the promotion and upgrading of local resources and the use of recycled and used materials.

Approved supplier of the German World Shop umbrella organization

Moogoo Creative Africa has been a member and recognized supplier of the German World Shop umbrella organization (www.weltladen.de) since 2014. With more than 900 individual shops, the World Shops are the largest fair trade network in Germany. You will find some of our products in the World Shops. You can find out whether there is a World Shop in your city at www.weltladen.de .

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