How it is going

After you have placed your order (approx. 10 days), after you have received your package, we will send you an email asking you which project we should donate the 5% of the order value of your order to. You will receive a link to the presentation of the projects that are available to choose from, as well as a link to vote.

At the end of the year or as soon as a certain donation goal has been reached, Moogoo donates the amount to the respective organization.
If someone does not vote, we will divide the amount equally among all the projects available for selection at the end of the year.

Why we do this

Because we want to and can. Our entrepreneurial activities (or your consumption) can also have positive side effects.


    Gueswendé, Burkina Faso

    Warc-en-ciel is the name of the school, training and art centre in Burkina Faso, which is being built in Gueswendé, a village about 30 km from the capital of Burkina Faso. The project is supported by a German and a Burkinabe association.

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    Support local trade

    Your local shop is actually the best place to shop, and not just for our products. We have been working with retailers for over ten years. Our customers are suffering because of the Corona pandemic. We want to give something back.

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    The unofficial project

    You can donate something back to the Moogoo team in Frankfurt and Ouagadougou: We already have a few ideas to invest the money in our common rooms or excursions.

    About the team 
  • HALL 408

    Gwinnerstrasse, Frankfurt/M.

    We are also working on founding a non-profit organization to make Burkina Faso's art and culture accessible in Frankfurt/Main. We need money for this.

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