Ezé Wendtton

Ezé is a multifaceted black artist from Burkina Faso who celebrates his migrant background. Born in Ouagadougou, Ezékiel Wendtoin Nikiema, alias Ezé, only became black in Germany. By this he does not mean his skin color, but the political dimension of being black in Germany. The multi-award-winning artist empowers himself with his music in a society in which black Africans are pigeonholed into many categories, from which he powerfully breaks out.

Ezé is a singer, trilingual language artist, drummer, guitarist, frontman on fire and, more recently, rapper. He writes and sings his lyrics in German, French and Mooré. His current sound is influenced by Afro-beats, Amapiano and West African rhythms and is a sonic reflection of his different experiences.

We discovered Ezé through his cover version of "Sage Nein" and met him personally in Ouagadougou in February 2021. And we were amazed by the energy he conveys through his art and his commitment. You can buy his music and support him directly from us.

  • Centre Warc-en-ciel

    Ezé is not only a musician and linguist, but also a doer. An idealist with a lot of energy. Warc-en-ciel is the name of the school, training and art center that he founded in Gueswendé, about 30 km from Ouagadougou.

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  • A new school for Burkina Faso

    In 2018, Ezé Wendtoin received the award from the state capital Dresden for his commitment and his project. The city of Dresden reported on it in detail.

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  • No to racism and discrimination

    We saw Ezé for the first time with this cover version of Say No! We at Moogoo also say no to any form of racism and discrimination.

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