André Kane

André Napougba KANE, a visual artist from Burkina Faso, is a self-taught artist living in Ouagadougou.

The artist is a reserved and modest character and does not like to talk about himself. He prefers to let the brush do the talking.
In a previous life, he was a papier-mâché sculptor before turning permanently to fine art. The artist draws inspiration from nature and creates his works with an emphasis on African culture.

He took part in the initiation to plant paper at the Institut Français de Ouagadougou in 2014 with Margherita Del Balzo, an Italian painter and member of the Mopuku collective. Encouraged by her, he began to work with plant fibers. After acquiring paper techniques, his most recent works consist of pigments, earth and ochre. He also makes waste paper based on plant stems.

He participates in exhibitions and cultural events in Burkina Faso and abroad.

Works in Frankfurt/Main (selection)