Boukaré Bonkoungou

Born in 1978, lives and works in Ouagadougou.

Boukare BONKOUNGOU is a visual artist from Burkina Faso who works as a sculptor and caster. Coming from a family of bronze casters, he has spent the last twenty years learning to model beeswax and combine wood and bronze. This makes him a talented and creative bronze professional. The artist knows that he owes all his qualities primarily to his family, which he also confirms to us:

Boukare BONKOUNGOU (BB): "The Bonkoungou family is a family of bronze casters. After school, we followed in our father's footsteps. Today, I am an artist because I spent eleven years at the Centre National Des Arts (CNA), where I did my training. Over time and with practice, I understood that I could mix and adopt wood and bronze to make other products. I learned the technique from my father. Then I wanted to create other things outside of arts and crafts. When I came to the CNA, I saw a variety of creations that I liked equally. So I started creating by alloying wood and bronze, a technique that didn't exist at the time. The products that came out of this alloy were quite satisfactory and so I continued. Today, I can look back on a 20-year artistic career."

Works in Frankfurt/Main (selection)