Sahab Koanda

The young Sahab Koanda attended Koranic school until he was twelve. He then began working, first as a laborer on building sites, then as an apprentice driver in the Fadoul group with the help of his older brother, who was already employed there. After five years, he gave up this job and took a job with the Oumarou Kanazoé (OK) company. After three months of work, he broke his contract for personal reasons. He then came up with the idea of ​​a freelance profession: that of an artist, which would allow him to work independently.

He got a job as an actor in a youth theater group in the Tampouy district (Ouagadougou). His talent as a visual artist began to develop. He proved to be a multitalented artist, learning traditional and contemporary dance, playing traditional instruments such as the "djem bé" and learning how to make them. His first works as a visual artist were based on pieces he had collected here and there (old soles of plastic clappers, pieces of gourd, jute sacks, brooms, old bowls, etc.), which he represented in the form of decorative paintings.

Sahab Koanda, who went from being an actor to a sculptor in the recycling industry, has explored so many different artistic directions.

He is a sculptor, painter, musician, designer and works in exhibitions and artist residencies in Burkina Faso and elsewhere in the world, and at times works as a storyteller, perpetuating his country's rich oral tradition.

Works in Frankfurt/Main (selection)