Upcycling collection

Our oil drum collection is the result of the collaboration between Moogoo and Burkinabe artisans Pascal Wangraoua and Ousseni Ouattara. Together we work to create decorative accessories and exceptional furniture and designs made by reusing discarded oil drums used to transport fuel in West Africa. The mining and oil industries are major consumers of these drums, which we source from resellers. This raw material allows us to create very colorful and original products.

Each product is made by hand, either by hammering, welding and/or grinding in the fine workshop of Pascal and Ousseni, whom Moogoo financed and with whom we have been working since 2013. We have personal relationships with each of our partners. We constantly monitor the working conditions and safety as well as the adequacy of our partners' earnings in order to assume social responsibility and constantly evolve.

Our goal is to achieve maximum local added value in Burkina Faso. To achieve this, we only use local resources and recycle 90% of them. We process these materials locally with our artisans and designers, thereby enabling them to generate significant income.


  • Home accessories Post-Oil

    In our shop you will find accessories made from recycled oil drums: lamps, bowls, trays, coat racks, candle holders, mirrors, coasters, etc.

  • POST-OIL FURNITURE by Hamed Bransonka-Bra Ouattara

    Moogoo Creative Africa is proud to distribute Hamed Ouattara's furniture and art in Europe. You can find his furniture, among other things, in our shop.

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