Warc-en-ciel, Burkina Faso

Moogoo Creative Africa got to know one of the creators of this project; Ezé Wendtoin, who became known in Germany through his cover version of "Sage Nein" by and with Konstantin Wecker and numerous other artists. We met him in Ouagadougou at the beginning of February 2021 and we were impressed by the man and his ideas and motivations. We decided to support this project because we also believe that education, art and culture are the key to (social) peace and self-development for all people. At 71 percent, Burkina Faso is the country with the second highest illiteracy rate in the world.

Get to know Ezé Wendtoin and let his enthusiasm and commitment infect you!

About the Centre Warc-en-ciel

The Warc-En-Ciel High School and Art Center is run by the German-Burkina Faso association TAM eV together with the local partner association APECA. The project specifically supports girls and boys in Burkina Faso through education and art, e.g. music and arts and crafts. In addition to general education and art, the high school's main focus is on global learning, environmental education and foreign languages.

The "Warc-en-ciel" center was officially inaugurated on February 10, 2021. The school will then open its doors on September 30, 2021.

Further information can be found on the TAM eV website. Pictures and news from Centre Warc-en-ciel can also be found on Instagram and Facebook .

What is money needed for?

Teaching costs money and money is needed for the artists' fees and for instruments, for example. Moogoo would like to make a small contribution to this by donating 5% of every order in our online shop to projects. This is one of them.

But every donation is welcome: On the TAM eV website, you can support the project directly and donate yourself (including donation receipt).


  • A new school for Burkina Faso

    In 2018, Ezé Wendtoin received the award from the state capital Dresden for his commitment and his project. The city of Dresden reported on it in detail.

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  • No to racism and discrimination

    We saw Ezé for the first time with this cover version of Say No! We at Moogoo also say no to any form of racism and discrimination.

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