Social commitment meets passion


Social commitment meets passion

The idea for the Moogoo Creative Africa Foundation was born during our travels in Burkina Faso and West Africa, where we met a variety of extraordinarily talented and creative artists. Due to financial constraints and lack of information, it is often difficult for these artists to market their products beyond the country's borders. Our professional experience in development cooperation and our personal philosophy of fair trade and sustainability eventually led us to found Moogoo Créative Africa in order to bring recognition to the potential of young, modern African art and design beyond Africa's borders.

Our aim is to help African artisans and designers make the most of their know-how and local resources. Although Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world, it is rich in enthusiastic and motivated young people, and the region has a wealth of resources, including waste products that can be recycled and reused. Indeed, it's important to us that the (re)transformation of these resources is carried out locally and by local workers.
We have therefore joined forces with craftsmen, artists and designers who are equally convinced of Burkina Faso's development potential and wish to develop it, each in their own way, but with a common objective: to promote African know-how, art and design, within the framework of local, sustainable and environmentally-friendly economic development.

Moogoo sees itself as an intermediary between ethics and design.

For us, Moogoo is at once an entrepreneurial activity, a social commitment and a passion.

    Social commitment meets passion: Why we founded Moogoo in 2010.

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    Local manufacturing, fair pay, sustainable production: what fair trade means to us.

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    The team from Moogoo Creative Africa in Frankfurt/Main and Ouagadougou introduces itself.

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