We can have our craftsmen and designers produce any product from our range according to your special wishes, whether it be special dimensions or colors. Or you may have a specific idea of ​​a piece of furniture that you would like us to recreate. However, you will have to wait a few weeks for this.

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Logos & lettering

Logos, lettering or other signs ("BAR", "TOILETS", etc.) made from recycled oil drums are particularly popular. These can be ordered to measure (up to 80cm high or larger by arrangement). Specific colors can also be requested: Of course, we are dependent on the original colors of the oil drums and how these are available in Burkina Faso. Production and delivery time is approximately 6-8 weeks. For compound words in our usual sizes (22 or 50cm high), the waiting time is only a few days, provided they are available in our warehouse in your desired colors.

Kiel Weeks 2023 #KIWO23

For the Kiel Weeks 2023, we had the official hashtag made in recycled letters. The letters here have the maximum height of an original oil barrel (approx. 80cm).

Buchstabe A-Z aus recycelten Ölfässern -50 cm hoch- Post-Oil Industrial Upcycling

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