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Ezé Wendtoin - Today HERE tomorrow GERMAN (2022) | Vinyl / CD incl. download

Ezé Wendtoin - Today HERE tomorrow GERMAN (2022) | Vinyl / CD incl. download


Moogoo Creative Africa

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Album release: 1.7.2022 // Can be pre-ordered & delivered very very soon!!

"He is certainly one of the most unconventional songwriters in the country. Ezé Wendtoin draws musically from many sources, from blues to West African rhythms, but above all he is a brilliant lyricist." Abendzeitung-Munich

The question of what it means to be German ceases when Ezé appears on stage. With music, poetry, dance and linguistic wit, he celebrates his migrant background and turns being German into a migrant. Being German and being black flow seamlessly into one another. Ezé is many things. He continues to dream of being able to move freely between worlds, while at the same time making it clear how unfairly and unequally this right to mobility is distributed. Racism and bureaucracy repeatedly block and prevent this basic human right.

Ezé Wendtoin, songwriter and musician, actor, presenter and storyteller comes from Burkina Faso, from a family of drummers, pastors and blacksmiths. And it was there, in Burkina Faso, that he fell in love with Goethe's language and began studying German with great passion, which he successfully completed in 2018 at the TU Dresden. The associations he founded, TAM eV in Dresden and APECA in Ouagadougou, successfully support his initiated education and art center "Centre Warc-En-Ciel" in Burkina Faso.

His new album "heute HIER morgen GERMAN" sounds like the diverse worlds and languages ​​between which he moves. A colorful up and down, loud and quiet, sometimes relaxed, sometimes critical, sometimes with wit and irony, sometimes electronic, or with percussive, West African instruments like the Tama or the wonderfully singing flute.
Ezé sings about love in Kuilga Nooré and asks about being German in "Grammatical Germanness". Accompanied by the Burkinabe instrument Ngoni, he tells of the brutal separation from his father, celebrates the Burkinabe, feminist and fighting woman that he sees in his mother and reinterprets German-language songs in his own unique way. There are of course also biographical stories that flow into his songs. His love of the German language and poetry, but also Germany as a post-migrant society. It is about peace, escape, love, migration, about being German and being different.

Ezé's songs are a mixture of songs composed by him in his native language Mooré, songs in German and French and interpretations of poems and songs by German poets and songwriters. It was recorded in Burkina Faso and Berlin with the best support of his friends and musicians from Ouagadougou - a July 2022 tour with the guys is underway.

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