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Ezé Wendtoin - Zwischenzeit Dazwischen (2019) | Double vinyl / CD in digipak incl. download

Ezé Wendtoin - Zwischenzeit Dazwischen (2019) | Double vinyl / CD in digipak incl. download


Moogoo Creative Africa

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"Wendtoin is an entertainer who radiates a vibrant energy that sets words and people in motion...It is the way Ezé combines melody, rhythm and syllables that leads him to new solutions that would not be possible for a native speaker. With Wendtoin, sound becomes what immigration means for Germany: the expansion of cultural awareness." Süddeutsche Zeitung

At the Heimatsound Festival in Oberammergau a few years ago, Banda Internationale played a furious concert and right at the end, as the last encore, Ezé Wendtion came up alone with a guitar and sang the song "Wann wird es endlich wieder Sommer" (Want it finally to be summer again), a well-known hit by Rudi Carell. But in this changed context, in which completely different levels opened up and were sung by Ezé, it was suddenly very quiet in the big tent and after a few minutes the cheering broke out - and we at Trikont knew that we wanted to make a record with this Ezé Wendtoin:

Ezé Wendtoin, songwriter and musician, actor, presenter and storyteller comes from Burkina Faso, from a family of drummers, pastors and blacksmiths. And it was there that he fell in love with Goethe's language and began studying German with great passion, which he successfully completed in 2018 at the TU Dresden.
In Dresden he also got to know and appreciate “Banda Internationale” and has been a member of the band for a long time. Ezé Wendtoin now lives between and in different worlds, mentalities, ways of life and languages. That is exactly what his music sounds like, a mixture of different musical styles, influenced by many cultures. Ezé says he prefers to write and sing in German, but he also writes and sings songs in French and in his mother tongue, Mooré.
He plays drums, guitar and Burkinabe instruments. His songs are as diverse as the worlds in which he moves, from chansons, folk songs, Latino to Afro-folk and West African rhythms.

"The world is black, white and colourful. It is a village with disabilities. It is Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and more! The world is old and young. It is woman, man and diverse. It must remain open and diverse. No one should be forced to live in hiding because of their skin colour, religion, origin and gender identity!
Let us stick together and accept each other. To achieve this, values ​​such as democracy, respect for other cultures, love, peace, human rights and solidarity should not be compromised! Diversity in an immigration country such as Germany must be valued, because, as Goethe said: "a people that does not honor its foreigners is doomed to destruction." Ezé Wendtoin

Ezé's music connects people and brings cultures together. With his music and his workshops, he campaigns against all kinds of discrimination and fights against prejudices - and he does so with an infectiously good mood and almost endless energy. With his association APECA, which he founded in Burkina Faso, Ezé is committed to building a school for disadvantaged children and young women in the area around Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.

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